You’ve needed me since day one

When you couldn’t speak a word

You’d point and grunt, you’d shout and huff

For no reason but absurd

You’ve needed me to feed you

And be at your beck and call

“I demand my sippy cup!”

You shout, “That I just did make fall”

You’ve needed me to go down stairs

As I rush to prevent you stumble

“Let me go down!” you seem to say

Then frown, and pout and mumble

You’ll need me as you age

And realize life’s not free

You’ll make your asks, and I’ll say “Yes”

As I…

Well, maybe it isn’t wrong per se; but I can bet it’s incomplete. I built an incomplete search for four years, and I wish someone had told me earlier on, “Pssst. Nate. You’re missing something. Adding more filters won’t work. You have to think about search completely differently.”

We recently built a new search. There are no fancy algorithms. There is no magical LinkedIn API (though LinkedIn, if you’re reading this piece, we’d be really interested…). There is no new technology.

The only “new” thing is how we frame the question search aims to answer.

So here’s my two cents…

Jonah fretted. He alternated between playing drums on his forehead with his fingers and obsessively biting his fingernails and cuticles. After whittling away everything but the flesh, Jonah took to jumping jacks, until a creak in his left knee politely reminded Jonah that wildly flailing limbs is ill advised, especially at the tender age of 52 years old.

So Jonah stopped, panted for a bit, and looked at the device that represented the culmination of 40 years of intellectual curiosity, if not ferocity. The time was 6:40am; his colleagues, the camera crews, and his family would arrive in another three…

Nathan Cohen

I have no clue what to write here.

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